When you prove to your bosses that they were wrong....


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So the past 4 weeks were crazy at work... I work for a small company building engine wiring harnesses and engine tuning and we recently were testing a new product. I work really closely with the owners of the company and they are both hard headed and do not work well together as it is...

A few weeks ago, we installed the product in the test truck and nothing worked. I suggested that the transmission computer needed to have some gear shifting control parameters adjusted. That is not the problem according to them. A few days of chasing ghosts with no results and then I had to leave for an emergency surgery. I come back to work 2 weeks later and they still have not figured out the issue.

Today, they finally gave me the go ahead to reprogram the transmission computer. It took less than 5 minutes for me to see that the shift commands were set to 290 MPH. This meant the truck had to be traveling at that speed in order for the trans computer to command the gear shift... 3 weeks gone that we could've been working on a new project.

Best revenge is proving your doubters wrong lol
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