when you free range


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This is from my friend who free ranges her veiled.

His name is Zosimus.

Don't poo on my jacket!

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Free ranging is a cool idea with some potential for concern. Number one is pesticides and two is predation. How does your friend combat these two potential issues?
1. She has a bit of OCD so she scrubs everything down, especially the areas he goes and misting areas. Just using basic household cleaners and of course lets everything dry and air out before letting him return. 2. there are no other animals in the whole house and she has an explorarium for when he goes outside.
Pesticides? Like on my plants? And what the heck is going to prey on my chameleon inside? :) I clean my plants and re-pot them. My dog isn't allowed near my chameleons, so other than maybe a huge mutant eagle or Hawk breaking my window and attacking him, I think he's good.
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