1. ChamAllen

    Meller Manor, The OctoMellerium Project Opens Wednesday July 5th FREE Tickets

    Hi all, I am offering FREE Tickets to The Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley, CA for the Grand Opening of Meller Manor, The OctoMellerium Project. We are Freeranging 8 Meller's Chameleons in a large indoor environment equipped with video cameras. To read about this amazing happening please...
  2. LLLReptile

    LLLReptile Oceanside Herp Meeting!

    In Southern California? Come on down to LLLReptile Oceanside for SCHA&R's Herp Meeting! Come join the LLLReptile crew and tons of awesome local herpers for a fun herp club meeting! There'll be free pizza and soda, and the opportunity to meet lots of local herpers as well as hear about...
  3. vladdimir26

    Free range urgent questions!

    Hey everyone :) So I just finished attaching some branches to my new chameleon's free range plant here and there. Here are my questions! Please feel free to answer all of them: 1) How will I use a cup drip system when there is nowhere to be held? Also where will the water that falls go? I...
  4. Stephikins

    when you free range

    This is from my friend who free ranges her veiled. His name is Zosimus. Don't poo on my jacket!
  5. My Panther Free Range Yet To Be Finished

    My Panther Free Range Yet To Be Finished

  6. Free Range

    Free Range

    free range
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