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Right now I have my baby Jackson's in a 10 gallon aquarium with leaves and branches and a UVA/UVB light. They were born on July 19th, but are still pretty small. My question is...at what point do I need to separate them into their own containers with mesh sides and give them a heat lamp? They are still so small now that it seems like the heat would hurt them at this point. Also, how old should they be before I sell some of them? I read somewhere that you can't even tell if they are male or female until like 4 months. Is that true, or is there a way I can tell now? Right now, they all have little bumps on their noses...so none of them look different.

Oh...for those of you who were helping me a while back with the "should I take them back and forth to school" thing...I ended up finding "daycare" for them. :) I found somebody that lives close that comes over twice a day for misting and feeding. So, it worked out well. Thanks for all of your input.

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I'm glad to hear that the babies are doing well. I can't say for sure on jackson babies how old that they have to be before you can tell the sex on them. I have raised jacksons in the past but it has been 8 or more years ago and I don't remember. On my panthers I can tell at 4 months and that is when I put them up for sale also. On seperating them out, with my panthers I will first at about 1 1/2 to 2 months, depending on how many are in the group, I will seperate them into different tanks depending on size. Small ones together larger ones together... This cuts down on competition for food. Then at around 3 1/2 to 4 months I seperate them out into screen, but I will do it sooner if they start to get territorial. You have to be careful when changing them over to screen. The humidity level will be harder to mantain once in a screen enclosure and you might have to mist more often. Hopefully this helps and maybe someone who is currently raising jacksons will post with more detailed information. Keep up the good work.
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You should be able to sex them by 3 months. You can use a heat bulb but you may have to clamp it 6-10 inches from the top of the aquirium...just check temps in basking area. Personally i would move them to a mesh cage as soon as they are eating 1/4 inch crickets...otherwise the 1/8 inch crickets have a tendency to wiggle through the screen.
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