Whats the place that takes in chameleons that can't be cared for?


I know I've seen this here before. A friend of mine that lives in Seattle is moving to Europe and cannot find anyone to take care of his cham. I would do it myself but I don't have the space/time for it.
I know I've seen a site here before where someone/ some organization will accept chams. I tried to search but can't find one. Anyone know what I'm talking about?


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I haven’t done a ton of research on rescues in the area, but if I got a little more info on species/age/health/etc. I would be willing to be a foster home for him!


thank you all for the replies. I will have my friend create an account so she can provide some more info on the cham. All I know is he's a panther who had an illness that was since cured with medicines/vet and he is physically perfect but might have some mental issues cause he can't climb perfectly and doesn't use his tongue anymore. I know I saw several links to a site on here specifically that dealt with taking in chameleons that people couldn't care for anymore.


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Chameo is another rescue. Alternatively there's a Facebook group called Chameleon Gems: A Rehoming Group that might help.
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