What's the next step to tame my veild chameleon???

Shay weber

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So I can hand feed my veild chameleon I want to know the next step into holding/taming him and suggestions any tips on what to do next?

Fiona's Mom

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Veileds aren't the most "hands on" chameleons out there. I've only had mine about a month and she still won't eat out of my hand. She does however know what time breakfast is and is waiting on her perch....but then she hisses when I put my hand in her cage to feed her. I figure she will either come around or not. I just enjoy watching her. :notworthy:


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Since u already hand feed him,next step is teaching him how to roll over(Im just kidding)
You are already there,I agree with Fiona's Mom,veiled cham can be very shy or aggressive type of cham,as long they dont see u as a threat,they will become more friendly as the time goes by,that is awesome that u can hand feed him,why dont u share ur hand feed experience with the rest of us n more member will tell u what they did with their veiled too.


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Basically patience. Keep hand feeding and reinforce that hands bring good things. Veiled Chameleons seem to be the most defensive of the popular pet species, it's just their nature. Understand that he might never be friendly or want you close, it all depends on individual personality.


So I can hand feed my veild chameleon I want to know the next step into holding/taming him and suggestions any tips on what to do next?
The process of gaining a chameleons trust isn't a fast one.

My veiled would hide just ar the sight of me. But now its a very different story!

I started by getting a chair and sitting at his vivarium with the doors open for at least 10-15 minutes before hand feeding. (for a few weeks)

Then would continue to sit at his viv but would introduce my hand into the vivarium at the same level as my Cham but the opposite side. (again few weeks)

Once I could see my cham was at ease with my hand being in his environment I would put my hand closer to him (in his path way) and spray the vivarium with warm water. This usually got my cham moving, naturally he'd try walk across his cage but my hand would be in his path which after a few hesitant attempts eventually hed walk over. * AT THIS POINT I DID NOT ATTEMPT TO HOLD HIM*

After a week or so of doing this very other day, eventually I would raise my hand once hed walked across it and then put him back almost instantaneously. Once I could tell he knew I was no threat I practiced the same method and took him out of his vivarium slowly building up the time I would hold him only being a few minutes or so...

To ensure being taken out of his viv seemed like a positive action, I brought him a safe plant/tree to perch on in my living facing the window so he could watch the world go by.

This seemed to do the trick as now hes incredibly tame, even waits at his doors to be taken out to roam.

Even now he's very friendly and would quite happily perch on my shoulder for a long period of time contently. But I usually only hold him to take him out of his viv and put him back!

Hope this helps it worked for me! sorry for the long winded message lol

Just to note, all chameleons are different so although this worked for me, your cham might just never be as tame its just their personalities, good luck!


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This sounds strange but I used an oven mitt and held it next to mine for a long time and she would crawl onto it then slowly I'd lift it out of the cage with her on it and my other hand was free without and oven mitt so then she slowly got skin to skin contact if she wanted to. Now I don't have to use it
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