What's the Best Chameleon Egg Substrate?


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Hi I'm new to the forums, and I'm thinking about breeding veiled chams. I was wondering what the best substrate for the eggs and the best humidity level for the eggs would be? Hatchrite, vermiculite, super hatch etc...


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I use a mix of organic vermiculite (3/4) and organic perlite (1/4). Just moist enough to clump together.


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I prefer perlite with an equal weight of water.
Vermiculite works just as well for me with same weight ratio, but I've had babies hatch out and choke on fine grade vermiculite, so do not use that.
Perlite is white and allows plenty of light so it is easy to see how the eggs are doing at a glance. Vermiculite is dark and viewing the eggs is not as good.
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