What uv bulb do you use?


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I notice a lot of people mainly use 5.0 bulbs but wondered what uv bulb and brands you use for what species.

I use the Arcadia 12% T5 HO bulbs on my veileds and panthers in smaller cages and in adult cages and have done for the past year and a half.

What do you use?
We also use Arcadia bulbs as well for all chams. We use the Arcadia D3 T8 reptile lamps and Arcadia euro-range 5% bulbs. Love them we wouldn't use anything else now.
I still use the Reptisun 10.0 fluorescents right now, but plan on going for Arcadia 12% next time I have to switch them out.
ugh...speaking of lighting I have to get a new arcadia bulb lol :rolleyes:

But i use the 6% arcadia + 6500k grow light, debating if I should bump it up to the 12% since UVB is cut down by 50% through the mesh. (please correct me if i'm wrong, just found that through research).
I personally do not use anything lower than a 10.0 as I feel a wild uv index cannot be created with anything lower in a 4 feet high cage above mesh for a veiled or panther. This is what the person who makes the Arcadia lamps told a chameleon keeper who was using a 5.0 on top of his 4 feet high reptibreze for a veiled recently.

"A lamp cannot be chosen simply by species! we need to re-create the parameters of the wild in a safe and sustained way. we need to incorperate the light and shade method and we need to keep in mind the limitations of the tech that is available to us. A 5% T8 lamp through a mesh and with a basking spot of 12" under the mesh which is too high really will only be re-creating the UK at dusk. compare that with the Index that they obtain in the wild and it is polar oposite in most cases.

as with all these things re-create the wild and you wont go far wrong,"

Uv is one of those subjects that really interests me and I do love to discuss it!
I use Arcadia T5 HO 6% and the arcadia plant pros bulb. I am interested in responses as well. I was considering going up to 12% when these bulbs have run their course. I really just need to get a solarmeter and test things out.
I say I use a minimum of a 10.0 but would use the 6% T5 HO bulb as these are a hundred times better than the T8 bulbs.
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