What types of parasites aren't treated by panacur?

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by Andee, May 18, 2017.

  1. Andee

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    I am worried about Ryker having parasites... but I just got him wormed at the vet's recently as a preventive measure (last time he was wormed was... 1 year ago until this last visit). So we used panacur of course just as broad spectrum. But his poop doesn't smell normal.... and he's not digesting feeders well when I use whole feeders, though he doesn't often chew them well and they go in whole. The one's he does digest is stuff like dubias etc.... I am having a hard time getting him to gain weight... so he's showing some classic signs of parasite loads... but I just want to make sure it would be something like that before I take in a fecal?
  2. Extensionofgreen

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    Panacur is generally used for round and hookworms. It's not used for giardia ( it has been at much higher doses than for worms ), coccidia, tapeworms, coccidia, amoeba, or flagellates.
  3. kinyonga

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    Panacur...you might want to read these articles...

    Coccidia needs a sulfa drug to kill it. You'll have to read more to find out because I can't remember right now. Sorry.heats getting to me today! :)

    Although not about chameleons you might be interested in this article too...

    There's a good book "Understanding Reptile Parasites" by Roger Klingenberg.
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  4. Andee

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    What I am worried about is whether he has a low amount of coccidia... or possibly tapeworms since we are dealing with some bad fleas right now and one of our cats has had them? I know dealing with coccidia with him will be a pain in the ass for sure *hits head over and over* He isn't showing really bad signs of coccidia (like vomitting and diarrhea yet) but we shall see. Next fecal I am taking into Dr. Choy, so now it's just wait with fingers crossed and saving up for the fecal test. We have been having waaaay to many vet visits in the last few months. Our emergency vet fund is stupidly low and it worries me. We are getting back up to a low 200 dollars at the moment. I am going to pay off the fecal immediately without even dipping into the emergency fund.
  5. Extensionofgreen

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    Tapeworms are fairy specific and although they are spread by fleas in cats and dogs, those worms will not infect your chameleon.
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    I've had two different chameleons have tapeworms years apart. My vet did say is was kind of rare.

    Panacur will also work on pinworms. Not sure if that was mentioned above.
  7. Davecameos

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    Coccidia and some flagelates are not covered by panacur. My advise would be to do a feacal test.
  8. Andee

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    Yeah I definitely plan to get a fecal done, no worries there. I just gotta wait for a fresh poop. And he can take a while.
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  9. OldChamKeeper

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    "The key to any chameleon's long term care comes down to the ability of it's keeper to notice when things are off and act upon them."

    - Oldchamkeeper 25 years ago

    Panacur should not be used by itself. I usually do an annual preventative treatment of Panacur (3 doses at 2 weeks apart) followed by a round of Flagyl. Seems to keep stuff under control

    Long term captive and captive bred animals can and do get parasites over time. Most commonly through the foods they are fed even if it is all commercially bought. You noticed the problem, good job. Now you are working on doing something about it.

    1 - get a fecal done. Mostly to build upon your knowledge.
    2 - then treat for the results.
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  10. Andee

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    Yeah he usually has a fecal done once a year or so. But this time it's been harder to get one in etc. The only time he's ever actually have parasites before this was when he was still eating commercially bought crickets. I now only feed insects I raise other than wax worms and black soldier fly larvae. But it was only a matter of time before he got something. As you said insects carry them a lot. And at the moment I wouldn't be surprised if it was easy for him to get overrun at the moment either.

    Last time I noticed it because his poops were very similar to the smell of sewage. He's around there this time again.

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