What type of screen for DIY cage?


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I'm looking to build a gigantic custom cage in my backyard in SoCal. I have all the framework and flooring done and am now trying to figure out what screen is good.

Fiberglass? Aluminum? plastic?

I've read that metal screening can do some damage to chameleons feet.

I'm planning to put 2 layers of screening (one on the inside area of framework for my chams to walk on and one layer on the outward area of the cage for extra protection against predators).

If you have done a DIY cage Feel free to post links to the screen you have used!

Much appreciated :)


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Metal does not usually hurt the chams feet other than when the screen openings are too small for the feet, and they get nails pulled out that way.

You know how big the screen openings are in standard cages? I would stay away from that.

Plastic screen for the INSIDE is fine, but crickets can chew through it so be careful.


Something like the plastic coated screen above, but with bigger holes.

The only rule you should really stay true to is OUTSIDE screen is aluminum to keep bugs out and in, and the inside screen for climbing or whatever is big screen coated in plastic, since you don't want to hurt the chams feet with the tiny aluminum screen openings.

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Lots of different preferences here, but one thing I can add. Do not use bare galvanized screen where your chameleon can climb on it. Too much zinc can be toxic to them and can be absorbed through skin.

Good luck.


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I like vinyl coated hardware cloth. It's sturdy, can hold a big chams weight and they don't get their claws stuck in it. Plus it's easy to attach vines/dowels etc to it!

Also it's water resistant due to the vinyl on it.


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Checked out the hardware cloth...awesome! Thanks!

Going to do 1/2 inch hardware cloth on interior and coated aluminum screening on the exterior area of cage.

Probably going to put some sunshade screen (I'm not sure if that's the correct name or not) on half or full area of the top exterior to keep the sun exposure a little under control (going to watch the angle of exposure throughout the day prior to deciding which way to go with that).

Will have a screen door and other goodies...just adding on throughout the building process.

If anyone want to weight in on any ideas of concerns let me know! Thanks everyone!
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