What Kind of Hibiscus?


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As you may not know me, I joined two days ago. I currently have one 5 month old male Jackson's Chameleon that I just got a few days ago. He's a wonderful companion to watch, and we bring him outside for a "sunshower" once on the weekend as we should. Munch is eating very well. We have all the necessary lighting and we have the Extra Large Reptibreeze cage. Dimensions are 24" x 24" x 48. Can be viewed here: http://www.petsolutions.com/C/Reptile-Habitats/I/Zoo-Med-ReptiBreeze.aspx?CAWELAID=1630120963&catargetid=1592863422&"cagpspn=pla"&gclid=COzrr4ua7rcCFfLm7AodJ2gAog Other than that, we've heard that Chams love Hibiscus plants and such. Are there specific ones that are safe for them? Or are they all safe? Are there any hazards to having these? Any precautions? Thanks!
Hibiscusessssssss are great! I'm going to get one too. Can't decide what colour flower to get, yellow or there's a nice sunset looking one.
Hibiscus do not do well inside without a grow light. So I would suggest getting either a grow light for it or a couple of them to switch in and out.
Yes, we have one of those. We just got a yellow tropical Hibiscus from our garden. No little pests as I can see, used a magnification glass just to be sure. I haven't checked on Much since I popped it in there, but I will ASAP. Thanks everyone for the quick reply! Are there any precautions about having this in his enclosure?
Not really problems with hibiscus, did you wash it with a little soap and water and then replace the soil with organic?
I have 3 hibiscus for my veiled's enclosure. They aren't all in there at once. I rotate them once a week, putting two outside at a time. I have a red one, pink one and orangey yellow one :D They're doing good so far. I used to have a white one, but Yuki vandalized it really quickly and it died :( She loves to eat the flowers... every time one is about to start blooming, the flower gets eaten the next day! I don't even get to see the flowers anymore because I get home fairly late.

Hibiscus are really something I would recommend, and it seems like the colour of the flower doesn't do much difference.

I would really recommend rotating a couple of plants though, even with a grow light. Nothing helps a hibiscus grow and flower like natural sunlight :)
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