What is this?


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I've seen this in his cage once before but there was just a tiny amount so I thought I may have gotten some of the cricket quench in cage. To give it some scale, the larger piece is about the size of a walnut (shell included).


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Looks like a dry crystal ended up in the cage and soaked up some water. That IS a water crystal though. Unless it's some crazy thing I've never heard/seen!
I didn't think they could rehydrate. Good to know. I was just so surprised because those two pieces are considerably larger than any single piece of water crystal I've seen.
If there are little rocklike things left in the bottle, yes. However, many of the crystals are based on consumable minerals and the crickets might eat them.

If there are little rocklike things, then you'll be amazed at how much water they can hold.

Note, however, that these are hydration, not complete nutrition. You need to feed the crickets real food.
You can also just purchase the dry crystals and hydrate them as needed. A little goes a long way.
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