What is this off-white blob I found in my pregnant cham's cage?


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I have an adult Jackson's chameleon. She is about five and one-half months pregnant. This is her first pregnancy. She is quite large (fat and pregnant, I believe). She has always been a big girl since before I got her about 10 months ago. Today, while caring for the plants in my screen enclosures I found an off-white blob freshly deposited on a leaf. I know human women have a plug that is released just prior to giving birth. Could this be such a plug? Do you think this means she will have her babies soon? I will attempt to upload a picture of the whitish blob and a pic of my Big Girl. Thanks!

P.S. Am having trouble attaching photos so will send this message and try again to attach photos separately.


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Pics of Blob and Chameleon

Picture of chameleon


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It looks like urates and extra water, your cham is really getting hydrated and drinking a lot of water



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I agree, looks like a perfect fresh urate. Just what you want as she heads into dropping babies. Keep us posted on the babies.
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