what fresh fruit and veggies are good for my panther


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You hear a lot of different fruit and veggies are good but you cant listen to every thing you read so I was just wondering what is the best fruit and veggies you could feed your panther cham once a week or so give or take?
Once in a while one of my panthers will bite on a leaf..but that's it. I do use fresh fruits and veggies along with other goodies to gutload there feeders. I like to mix it up.I think it makes the crickets taste different all the time. So they don't get bored with there feeders .Like today they got carrots and cantaloupe ,yesterday it was yams and dandelions . Crickets get feed late evening,and the chams get fed in the am while the crickets are still plump. All said and done panthers don't eat fruits and veggies. Veileds are the opposite they will eat just about anything.
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