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When a cham makes their body real thin and long. I just took my veiled out to get some real sun as I was just hanging out having a beer. And I put him on the handrail to the deck. He then like I said made his body real long and thin. It was almost like his skin was wrinkly.

Cold, hot maybe just wasn't feeling the environment. Its still about 80 something outside. When I picked him back up he kind of went back to a normal look.

Any thoughts?
My chameleon gets long and thin when he's startled or quite scared. Maybe he felt too exposed?
Did he get real dark, or lean to one side? My chameleon likes to "sun" himself.... He gets really Thin and tall and dark and leans to one side and this is to get more sun exposure...
I don't think he was doing it to get sun. When he absorbs heat he usually gets flat and lays on his side.

He did get a little nervous when he saw the cat. But he was doing it before the cat came around.
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