What do you members do for a living?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by aguallo123, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. aguallo123

    aguallo123 Member

    Out of curiosity, I was wondering what other chameleon keepers do for a living. I am an Uber Eats delivery driver while I am going to college and it pays for the bills but I want to know what others do to pay for their chameleon hobby.:)
  2. Nickinator

    Nickinator Member

    I am in capital equipment sales. Huge assistance from my wife when I travel, truly a family hobby!

    Fun thread!
  3. I'm about to start my senior year of high school and a gamer XD

    Planning on being a dog trainer or working at a zoo! :D
  4. Arpretty

    Arpretty Established Member

    Uber eats?! Come my way!!!

    I’m an ERS Assesor for the University of Delaware.

    Basically, I travel state-wide and assess childcare and early education programs for children infants-12 years of age. I work for the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood (DIEEC). State-wide isn’t horrendous, considering Delaware is a dwarf state :D:ROFLMAO:

    Couldn’t care for my animals without my job!!!!
  5. could you set my 13 year old sister straight? Shes been very rude lately
  6. Arpretty

    Arpretty Established Member

    Hahaha, she’s a year out of my job’s age range!
  7. It was worth a try! XD
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  8. aguallo123

    aguallo123 Member

    I would start by volunteering at your local zoo if they offer any positions there. I volunteered at the San Antonio zoo for a while and it helps if you are a shy person because it helps you get the social experience with guests. Good luck on your upcoming school year!
  9. I would here in Atlanta, but its a 2 hour drive from where I am sadly but I have volunteered at an animal shelter for cats and it did not go so well so I am hoping to find something but first taking care of my baby chameleon (also thank you :) )
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  10. Im a store manager at a local Hardware store
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  11. Chameleonhands808

    Chameleonhands808 New Member

    Hey everyone! Im active duty in the United States Navy.
  12. Tucklander

    Tucklander Avid Member

    I work for Duke Energy in legal dept.
  13. Thank you for your service. (y)
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  14. JacksOlive

    JacksOlive New Member

    Going to be a highschool senior, worked as a hostess for a restaurant last year and currently applying to other jobs ^^
  15. Carlton

    Carlton Chameleon Enthusiast

    Wildlife biologist/wilderness policy planner for a couple of federal agencies. Retired in 2017 after 34 years of it. Just in the nick of time too. When I chat with former colleagues who are still working they sound simply miserable under the current soap opera of Congressional oversight (or lack thereof).
  16. aguallo123

    aguallo123 Member

    What influenced you to want to work in a wildlife setting and are there any helpful hints as to what to do when going into the wildlife biology field? I only ask because I am getting close to obtaining my bachelors degree in biology-with concentration in zoology, and I want to be ready for the job opportunities and challenges I will face.
  17. Goose502

    Goose502 Avid Member

    I’m a respiratory therapist, I’m at work right now! I specialize in neonatal and adult intensive care.
  18. aguallo123

    aguallo123 Member

    You must really love what you do to be working this late at night! Cheers to you!
  19. Matt Vanilla Gorilla

    Matt Vanilla Gorilla Chameleon Enthusiast

    I live and let live and serve others! Similar to @Goose502 I just got off work. And I breed chameleons! Big time! I am addicted to them!
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  20. Thoff13

    Thoff13 New Member

    Warehouse employee at Amazon (y)

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