What do you guys think about this...


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I just made a new enclosure for an upcoming chameleon, what do you guys think i might need.


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More horizontal branches. Create lots of little "Highways" for your chameleon to climb on. :) You also should add some more foliage. Your little guy will want some places to hide.
I have a big question, since i have my cage outside it receives straight sunlight, do i still have to place the UVB light on top?
no not at all.. they will get plenty from outside sun especially in Florida. What is all the brown stuff?
This was an old cage my uncle used for his iguanas, its mulch stuck to the wall, they used to climb through the wall. I just placed some plants and decoration. Do i have to put the baskin light also? I live in jacksonville its pretty warm in here
No basking or uvb. The sun will provide both heat and uvb. Even if the sun is not out they are still getting uvb rays and it is plenty hot here in Florida. Be careful where you leave the cage if it is going to get alot of sun. They can overheat quickly. Make sure to provide alot of shaded areas in the cage and either hand mist or have a mister set up to cool them off.
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