What do these colors mean


got a 10 month old veiled hadem since a youngin. I usually keep him outdoors where he can get some sun but he’s recently started to display these crazy colors he looks beautiful but just wanna make sure he’s ok or if I’m doing anything wrong Ha lmk

I let him roam around my room where his cage is so I bring him outside once he comes out of his terrarium on his own. Lights come on at 8am and he’ll warm up or drink water till about 10-11am then he’s outside in his plant for most of the day bring him back in around 3-4pm or once the sun comes down




Side note this what I’m more used to seeing when he’s outside or even on a plant by the window sill


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Hi. :) Those are his ‘fired up’ colors. When stressed, excited or angry, his colors will brighten up. It also happens when asleep. He looks beautiful and healthy. My only concern is his safety in leaving him outside for so long. Is he in an enclosure or something else that can protect him from wandering off and becoming prey to a bird?


Absolutely gorgeous male you have! I wouldn’t be worried at all, but I would say he could display these colors if you are handling him to much, have you seen any recent changes in him puffing up when you try to handle him?


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Something has him stressed, angry or excited. Make sure there isn't any large birds or cats around. Something he don't like I'm guessing


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Hes being bright for the ladies...but also birds like miss skittles said so be sure to keep a close eye on him and the temps when hes out there for so long.
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