What Breed Of Chameleon Should I Get?


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It really depends on how much you're willing to spend and what you're interested in.
Veiled chameleons are the cheapest around $60, they're the most hardy, and most available. However they can be huge assholes.

Panther chameleons range in price from 200-400 for a male. They produce the most colors can still be cranks but not like veileds.

Males are the colorful and larger ones. Females produce eggs even without a male present and require laybin.
Both will require a setup of at least $300-500.

I'd suggest doing a bit of research before you decide to pull the trigger.


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If I were to get everything for a chameleon, the cage and other stuff, not the chameleon then would it cost under $250?

I'm sorry to say, that $250 is no where close to what you are going to spend to setup the enclosure correctly.

Do any of you chameleons know tricks?

My little guy knows how to make crickets disappear.
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