What an awesome painting!


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Well Cheryl (littleleaf) I have to say, you really did an awesome job painting George. I just love it!


little leaf

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your very welcome :) it was nice to get some time in the studio , and have such a wonderful subject to paint :) he is one fantastic looking guy :D

I love it! Fantastic painting of George.

Cheryl, I didn't know you could paint like that.
:) I love to paint chams, but my "claim to fame " was sculpting and painting horses- here is some of my work if you care to see :) - its my gallery page

See, I told you I loved the one she made for me. It hangs in the cham room next to my 2013 forum calendar. Your's it beautiful and I am glad you like it.

wait till you see your Birthday present ;) ( when is your B-day?? :p )


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I love it! What a great job.
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