Welcome aboard.. name suggestions please....

I have been trying to learn body language and emotion with him, when I first got him home and in his enclosure he turned a dark green with almost black strips & stayed like that for a couple days... but if I got him out he would brighten up, ive seen where some people say the black is a sign of them being mad or stressed. Now he stays the bright colors through out the day and if I notice he looks a little dark I give him a mist and wait about 10 minutes and then get him out for socialization, he then isn’t dark anymore. It’ll be 2 weeks Saturday that I have had him & I just want to be able to read him a little better... Any tips?


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I had initially decided to call my little guy "Johnny Ringo" (from the movie "Unforgiven"). However, my son is named Johnny, my husband is a John, his grandfather is a John, etc etc. I decided that one more John in the house would only add to the confusion. :D
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