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I’m new to the chameleon world and have recently purchased a panther chameleon from a wonderful breeder here in NC. I’ve researched for 6+ months as well as worked with the breeder for a couple weeks, visiting and talking about setups, feeding and everything else that comes with owning a chameleon. He made me aware it might not be a animal that is keen to being handeled and then again could be... I need help with naming him and would also like at least one fact or opinion on panther chameleons anything from enclosure to lighting to just a random fun/funny something. lol
I got him a little over a week ago, I try to get to know the animal before naming but I’m stumped on this one. He is in a tub with a basking temp of 88-90 and ambient is a steady 75-78. He has plenty of foliage & a lot of shady sections to get away from the uvb. He has a dripper while I’m at work (8hours) and gets a couple good mistings after I get home and one before leaving for work. I let his enclosure warm up before hand, and feed first thing also. About 7-9 smalls and 7-9 xtra smalls. I get him out at least once a day if not twice to try and get him used to me, my partner, and my niece. So please if you have anything you think would be helpful in any way say it below! Thank you in advance & hope to hear from as many people possible. :):):)


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I'd name him "The Everlasting Gobstoper!" Panthers are colorful characters personality and looks! My advice to you is to make sure to use good quality T5HO UVB lighting. He's a cutie! Super jealous!
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