Weeping fig vs umbrella tree

Hello, my poor umbrella tree plant is not doing so well in our enclosure. I'm looking to order a weeping fig as I can't seem to find one around here. Are they anymore hardy?

Just get another umbrella, weeping figs loose so many leaves and are harder to keep alive in an enclosure IMO.

And after you pay for shipping you'll at least have $40 in the plant, which is not worth it.
My umbrella tree was loosing a lot of its base until I moved it near a window with natural sunlight. Since then its grown a lot more and filled back out with its branches and leaves. Try to get it near sun if possible or get a strong grow light for the plant
I have a small enclosure now so fluorescents won't fit on the top but when my little Harlequin(female veiled) gets a bit bigger I plan on getting at least a 2 bulb 24 inch set up 1 10.0 and one 6500k plant light but i might do a 24x4 set up for her 2x2x4...10.0, 1 heat and 2 6500k plant lights, one on each side, that should be plenty of light to grow just about anything fairly well indoors
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