We got Nosey Be eggs / container question


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My nosey be just laid 32 eggs and we are so happy and now the wait. I purchased a 2013 Exo Terra incubator and its been running for a month holding 74-75 degrees and humidity at 80%.

I have a question about the container that will be holding the eggs, should I make hole for air exchange? or leave it with no hole and open it once a month for oxygen to get in?


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What is in the container the eggs are in? How did you moisten it and have you weighed it yet? Weight is one of the best ways to determine if the moisture is steady in your egg container!!! If it looses weight you can Add water to keep it just the way you want it. In the last month of incubation in many cases it might gain weight and that is a good sign of how the baby's are growing . This is the short version, much detail has been left out. If we can help in any way just ask!!!


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For substrate I used vermiculite about 1 inch and did a 1 to 1 ratio to start with and then kept adding until I Squeezed out one drop of water.

I'm using a Rubbermaid container. The weight of each container is 240 grams & 255 grams

Temp in the incubator is 74 degrees and 84% humidity.

Hope I got it right.


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Here's a picture of the container I'm using, please let me know if I did something wrong.

Thanks for the help.


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