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I sometimes feel like this forum is a little depressing at times, and don’t get me wrong it’s for good reasons, but we should still be able to come on here and laugh a little. So on this thread please post your most hilarious stories Cham related or not! I want this to be a place where if people are feeling down about who knows what, that they can look on here and forget about their problems for at least a split second. And without further ado here is my funny story!!

*disclaimer it’s kind of disturbing but everyone was ok in the end and don’t June me!! *

So as some of you know I have a little brother, let’s call him beast. Beast is about 4 years old at this time in the story and he had the classic “big boy bed” with the railing on the side, the only flaw to this railing was that it didn’t cover the sides all the way up to your head. One night we went to bed with the usual 30 extra minutes of stalling from beast, just like any other night. About 2 in the morning we hear him scream, and my room being right next to his I woke up first. I ran into mom and dads room all panicked because I was about 9 and had no sense of reality what so ever. I woke up mom and dad and we ran down the house to see what was going on, when we frantically fumbled on the light switch we saw. A: every pillow, stuffed animal, blanket you name it, all of that was on the floor.
B: A bed side table with all the contents that we’re on it when we went to bed also on the floor.
C: A pair of 4 year old legs upside down kicking like I’d never seen before.
D: And a giant head stuck..... between the railing and the bedside table.
Not only was he stuck, but IN HIS SLEEP he had managed to flip upside down and land perfectly in the right spot for him to be stuck there was no other way for his body to get lodged in there if he didn’t do it a specific way. So we got him out and everything was fine. Know I know what your thinking, Emmy your such a bad person to think that is funny in any way but, just take a minute to picture this scenario in your head, and try not to laugh. £
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