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I'm picking up my first cham tommorrow and I was goin to buy a water fall is this necessary?
no it is not neccesary most of the time it is not recommended because they are a possible threat to your cham it is possible for him to drown in it
Also, the cham won't drink out of it. just get a misting bottle and mist the surrounding leaves with warm or hot water.

waterfalls are also little pools of bacteria.
what kind of chameleon are you getting. it is also recomended to keep cams in all or semi screen cages not full glass. ficus is a good live plant to use live plants will help to keep humidity up. u also need a uvb sorce like a repti sun 5.0. captive breed veiled/panther chameleons are recomended as a starter chameleon.
Here is my setup. http://www.onlinecenter.nu/?325625061009204336

My live in a glassterrarium (which may not be the best alternativ) but with good ventilation (one of the problems otherwise). The other problem that can occur in glasstanks i reflections in the glass which can be stressful for your cham. My solution to this problem was to use a plastic material which you use in bathrooms. You can see the result in the link.

Plants you can use you find in this link https://www.chameleonforums.com/plants/index.php . I have Ficus benjamina and Pothos.

Good luck and keep reading and ask questions!
They do like to crap in them. If you could ring up a flush system I think it would eliminate cage cleanings and keep the water fresh.
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