Water drip & sleep light

Darla Marie Pelan

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Its me the beginner, again.

Two questions!?

Do you leave the water dripping all day and night or just during the day. I can only assume just during the day since the dew does not extend all day/night long in real life.


Putting my veiled cham to sleep last night, is it a good idea to have a little "night light" or do they prefer complete or almost complete dakeness??



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YOu dont need dripping water at night, it will not dry out and be wet and icky. besides they dont drink when they sleep.
and unless your room temp gets below like 60ish, you dont need a light. many wont go to sleep with a light on.


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For a veiled no water and no lights at night, if you need heat use something that doesn't put off light (like a ceramic heat emitter) and as the above poster said you don't even need heat at night unless your house gets really cold, in fact a slight night time drop is good for them.

Darla Marie Pelan

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Thanks, helps a lot...it does get quite cool...but being April it is warming up and sun is coming through the window...but not directly hitting ...it just warms the room up nicely.

Im in Canada, so warmth will be an issue in the fall. I live in Kelowna, B.C. actually and it is a semi dessert temp/landscape..very dry so humidity is an issue too, will do my reserach however.

thanks again for all the posts, very much appreciated.

Oh, and im glad that light is not an issue, not a fan of lights in the dark!


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if i have a little dripper will i still need a fogger will i need both or just one. and what does ther fogger do
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