Water and drinking


I know all about feeding, gutloading, dusting, and everything that has to do with just solid eating.
But with drinking, I feel like I'm having some trouble. I have a dripper in my chameleon's cage that drips 1 time every 10 seconds onto a leaf. I also spray his cage several times a day for a couple minutes each time. I never really see him drink, so sometimes I just try to drip some onto his head and sometimes he'll look up and open his mouth to catch some drops. I don't know if he's getting enough and it worries me.
He's a veiled between 3 and 5 months old. I've had him for a few weeks now.
Is there any kind of number you can give me on how much water is the minimum for him to drink per day?
Sometimes especially when they are young they can be secret drinkers. You could try turning up the dripper to ever 5 seconds. For how long does the dripper drip at a time? Sometimes it takes them awhile to start drinking.
Unless his eyes begin looking sunken, or his skin begins looking wrinkly, I would not worry. I have had veileds that would drink in front of me and then there are those that will be like ninjas about it. I have a cham that I have never caught drinking...wierd, but he looks healthy enough and has been around long enough for me not to worry about his hydration levels.
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