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Hey guys! so today I wasn’t able to feed my girl until around 2pm, usually she gets fed around 11 am or so. she had 4 dubias, the usual. at 3:30, I heard a noise. I noticed she was hanging upside down, 1 and a half dead dubias were on the bottom of the enclosure, and she was licking her lips a few times. I panicked because she’s never thrown up. her colors never changed and she seems fine. I did notice, she hung upside down to eat the dubias during feeding time because they were below her and then NEVER BASKED. she hung upside down for a while AFTER eating them too. she also had a spraying at 3 pm when my mist king goes off. she’s still getting used to that so she doesn’t usually drink off a leaf or anything (usually just gets the vapor in the air) but she’s still fully hydrated (her urate yesterday was white), so I don’t think she drank too fast. after a few minutes she noticed the dubias on the floor and I grabbed them with a paper towel before she made a run to eat them. i’m hoping it was just because she ate upside down and didn’t bask. she’s literally doing everything else completely normal and acting fine. thoughts ?


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I'm sure there are multiple reasons for them to regurgitate, but Parasites are definitely one of them. I wouldn't be too alarmed about her not immediately basking - that in itself shouldn't cause something like this. At some point she'll get up there to get the warmth when/if she needs it. I'd get a fecal done at the vets asap. Its around $30 at most places, but you need to get a pop there ideally within 24hours. The longer it sits, the less accurate the results. My vet would let me just drop it off at the front desk, but not after having at least one initial checkup... and if she is regurgitating, a checkup at an experienced exotic vet is a good idea, anyway.
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