Videos of My Sweet Boys


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Awhhh! How sweet these boys are! I envy anyone who can handle their chams. My little man is still so shy 😭😭😭


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Does Hank ever walk down that middle stick and "escape" his condo?

So cute how Hunter ran to you.

They both get off anytime they want. Hank use to get off more but is settling now that he’s getting a little age on him. Hunter is my go boy. Anytime I walk in Hunter’s room he make a be line toward me, ready to get off.

jannb, those videos are great! Thank you for sharing.

I’m not the best at making videos but I plan to start trying more. These guys are so entertaining.


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@jannb thanks for sharing! Gorgeous chams!!! I love those hanging plants😍 with custom fixtures you built!? SO COOL😝!!! also are those just grapevines??🤔

Thank you for the compliments. I don’t have any grapevine. Which vines are you referring to? I mostly have branches from the woods.
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Oh okay, I was talkin about these, I love them!


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