Veterinary Insurance?


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Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you could please recommend a good company to get pet insurance through that is widely accepted. My panther visits our vet at least once a month.....and I need some way to help keep the cost down. Just let me know the details if anyone as any good suggestions. Thanks!
I think I forgot to mention, our vet charges us $43 for a follow up visit plus whatever medication.........I realize this is already pretty decent.

What is the situation with your chameleon that it needs to go in so often?
Just curious.
I'm afraid I don't have an insurance referral....although I have thought about aquiring it myself.
I'll be interested to continue watching this thread and see what others are doing.

I have definitely had my share of problems with this guy but he wants to live! Most recently he had worms in his fecal, and was prescribed Pancur. I think he still has worms b/c his feces is still not as solid as I hoped. After further consultation w/ the vet (who is not a reptile specialist but has dealt w/a few of these guys and is willing to help me as much as she can) I will give him Pancur again Monday. Previous to this, he had a battle w/ abscessts of the mouth/teeth......which I think I have pretty cleared up, but he is left with an area of permanent puffiness between the eye and nostril. No signs of abscests now when he opens his mouth...... In addition to all of this, when he was diagnosed w/ worms he also had this black discoloration under the chin that we are trying to get rid of. I forgot what exactly she calls it...... I give him the Chlorhexadine solution 2x daily for this and a bit of trauma around his mouth. He gets injections of Baytril every other day until we have this area around his mouth cleared up completely. He is almost done shedding now for the first time since the discoloration, most of the blackness pealed off resulting in hard yellow looking skin underneath, which appears to be getting better after a fresh dose of Chlorhex. He also has had/is having eye problems. The L eye gets goo in it and he is favoring it this morning. I am afraid that he has something else not diagnosed and the Baytril is just keeping it under control........ In our area FVS has a specialist Dr. Lightfoot, but I've had a bad experience w them and they are $$$$$ something I could not consider until I got insurance. I know their is a good vet in Orlando, but that is a trip and $$$$$. But to have all these complications, he is doing very well! I guess any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

These pictures taken within the last week depict the discoloration I was speaking of. The red stuff is beta carotene that I was giving him 1drop from a capsule every other week....but after reading all of the stuff about it on this page I don't know.
VIP Insurance is pretty good.

To tell you the truth, the major vet insurance companies are all pretty reliable. They work the same way human medical insurance use to work. You pay the vet and then you get reimbursed a percentage.

Insurance companies do not pay on pre existing conditions. If your cham has a history of eye problems BEFORE you sign up, they might not pay on future chronic problems. Make sure you get in writing what is covered for your particular pet and what is not.

It is also very improtant to have your vet write specifically what the diagnosis and what was done otherwise you might not get reimbursed.

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