Vet gave me Bene-Bac gel...


I brought my adult male panther to the vet on can read the reasoning and my filled out ask for help post on the subject here. The medicine is Bird Bene-Bac gel and the directions are to give ½ gram daily.

First i want to know if anyone has any experience with using this for their chams and also NO FECAL has been done yet so i am hesitant to start until i can get a fecal for him.

Also i have since identified and corrected some husbandry issues that i believe are the reason my cham isn't 100%. My water reservoir had a heater in it that had bacteria growing in some crevices:mad:.

again i am very hesitant to give this medicine to him at the moment and also don't think force feeding him medicine in a giant syringe would be something i would be comfortable with unless i knew he NEEDED it and had an idea how to administer it to him!
I have no experience with that medicine so I cant help you there. I would like you to take a look at Rept-Aid. It can be found on Chameleon Northwest website or on LLL's. Chams Northwest is the main distributor for it and they can give you a good breakdown on the ingredients and what it is good at treating. It can basically boost your chams metabolism and restore usfull fauna they require. Its good for newly imported wc's that need treatment for parasites and for chams that are lethargic. You really should have been shown at the vets office how to administer drugs orally. Thats a vet or vet tech that isnt paying attention to detail imo....
When I had to give oral meds. I just took my fingers and blocked the nose holes. Then when they open their mouth to breath you put the meds in.
But I agree with Tex panther man. Look into Reptaid. Its good stuff. I use it on my chams and leo geckos.
I agree that you shouldn't give the Bene Bac without a fecal flotation, but I am familiar with it. It's a basic OTC supplement that provides a "good flora" boost to an animal's gut flora. In my experience, it has been harmless ...however, I have only used it on my Vet's advice AFTER a flot has been performed.

Not to alarm you, but you may want to seek another Vet. If possible, a more advanced and experienced exotics Vet, that also has extensive reptile and/or chameleon experience. Not all "exotic" Vets are created equal. ;)
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thanks everyone! I appreciate the advice, and about the vet, you seem to have the same general opinion that i have... def happy for the vets help, but i will look for someone with more experience next time IMO. My local reptile shop has rept-aid in stock so i am going to go with that instead of the Bene-bac.
Make sure you get this kind not the Trex kind

They probably have the Trex kind which is garbage.


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I have only used it for a cham after receiving antibiotics, since they can kill the good bacteria in the digestive tract. I am currently using repti-aid for a rescued cham and I am really liking it...and he loves it also and gladly takes it (actually tires to eat the syringe...:)
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