Verricosus color morph I've not seen before

like one year ago I bought what was supposed to be an oustelti but they sended me an verricosus it was in really bad shape he even had a hole in his lower jaw. he was he was very dehydrated. and he had tons of like litle vains? in his sides suppose they were parasites. dint las 4 days
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Sorry to hear that. Looks like you got one similar to the coloration I posted about. Too bad he didn't make it.
Here are a couple photos of a F. verrucosus individual I found in Beza Mahafaly to the Southeast of Toliare a few years back.



This is a particularly nice locale of verrucosus. I really like the blue gular area and the blue hints in the eye turrets, along the flanks and on the tail.

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