Veiled with a tongue issue


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My almost 4 year old veiled has had an issue with his tongue for a week or so now. Have had him to the vets twice - the first time he was still shooting his tongue an inch and I was successfully hand-feeding him. But after a week he wasn't shooting his tongue at all and unless I peed him off enough to open his mouth and pop an insect in he wasn't eating. I'm now injecting him in the tail every day with antibiotics and squeezing some high protein food from the vet down his throat as often as i can.
This morning he looks a much better colour than of late and I'm really hoping the antibiotics are having an effect.
My question is : what do you knowledgeable people suggest re: rehab of a poorly veiled?? He is still drinking (because he drinks straight off the dripper) and mooching about as usual, it's just eating he has a problem with. The high protein vet food will finish tomorrow and the antibiotics on Saturday. Then it's pretty much down to me I guess. Any advice greatly appreciated.I'll do anything not to lose him:(
From what I've been told...due to their renal system injections that are given below the "waist" so to speak will not do the chameleon much good because it will go out in the kidneys first...
"Fluids injected caudally (into the lower, or back, half of the body, as from the abdomen down the tail) circulate first through the kidneys then up to the upper part of the body. When medications are injected caudally, they hit the kidneys in a less dilute form than if they are injected cranially (in the upper, or forward, half of the body, as from the ribs to the neck). Since many drugs, including antibiotics (the most common drug administered to reptiles) are already known to be nephrotoxic (harmful to the kidneys), it is important to reduce the impact on the kidneys as much as possible. This can be done in two ways:"...

What did the vet say was the problem with the tongue?

What specific supplements do you use? How often for each? What do you gutload the insects with specifically? What specific UVB light are you using? Is there any glass or plastic between it and the chameleon?

Could the tongue have been injured? Did the vet say the tongue was/is infected?

Can you post some pictures of the chameleon please?
Thanks for the reply kinyonga!

Right here goes :

The vet thought he'd possibly injured his tongue. He likes to roam about the lounge when I'm at work so is a possibility. On the second visit the vet noticed some swelling in his rear mouth/throat area - which I presume is the reason for the anti-bs?

Supplements - I dust every feed with calcium. Nutribal - D3 and multivitamin about every 2 weeks or so.

Lighting - repti-sun 5.0 UVB. I change the bulb about every 4 months . Nothing between him and it.

He looks okay, was a good weight when the vet weighed him and still drinks fine. He's still moving about his viv normally just not eating. I've had him since he was 6 weeks old and other than an incident when his branches moved and he burned his casque have had no problems.

Slightly concerned about the info you gave concerning the antibiotic injections. The vet said to do it in his tail?? Although he does seem brighter in both mood and appearance today compared to a few days ago....but I still can't get him to eat normally :(
Its just supposed to be harder on the kidneys when the injection is given in the lower half of the body or tail...but I was also told a long long time ago that some of the antibiotic could be flushed out of the body through the kidneys when its given in the lower half/tail...but I really think that needs to be checked out with your vet since I can't be sure.
my cham recently lost his tounge i have been putting the crickets in the fridge for 3min and then cutting off their legs to slow them down for my guy.
Thanks for the help guys, it's really appreciated :)

Hoj - love the idea of cricket surgery!! Lol But the only thing I can get him half interested in is a waxworm and then he'll make a move for it, seem to remember that he cant shoot his tongue and loses interest rapidly. :( If you don't mind me asking, how did yours lose his tongue? And how have you got him through it?
Kinyonga - am wondering whether the vet just gave me the antibiotics to placate this middle aged, slightly weird, almost hysterical woman that he found once again in his surgery? I was however, recommended a vet today by a colleague who keeps beardies. If the injections prove to have no effect then I'll give him a ring and see what he says.

Thank you sooo much for the replies though guys. Only fellow chammy lovers know how heart-wrenching it is to see your much loved lizard suffering :(

Right I'm off to be Nurse Windy for a bit. Will attempt to post some piccies in a little while.
I just got a ambanja with a tongue issue, so I've been doing a lot of reading about it. Keep your head up man, sounds like your doing everything you can, and from what I read, they can survive without them just fine. good luck
We've had a mini-breakthrough!! After 2 weeks of me fussing and faffing with the poor little blighter I'd kind of accepted the inevitable :( And then yesterday, for the first time in weeks, he not only stalked a small cricket but perservered until he managed to eat it :D He's still not shooting his tongue - it'll only come out half inch or so - but just the fact that he appeared hungry for the first time in weeks has filled me with hope :)
Thanks for the advice guys - good to know there's others out there who are crazee about their lizards!!!:D
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