Veiled pics


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A few pics...

This young male is just under 2" stv, but working hard to grow up! He eats.. and eats... and eats! He is the largest of the veileds. He is supposed to be almost 4 months old with a hatch date of 10/24/06, and is from sunburst parents.


This chubby little female is a clutch mate of the male above and is about 1 1/2" stv. Cute little thing, huh?!?


This little female is from blue parents, and the coloration difference is pretty pronounced. Her hatch date is supposed to be 11/10/06, and she is about 1" stv. She is one of the chameleons that has been struggling. Today she started showing some real progress.. her eyes are open and she has started to hunt on her own!


This little female is a clutch mate of the one above.. and is the one that I am now most concerned about. She is getting pretty thin, and I am not sure that she will make it. The stuff on her eyes is antibiotic goop from the vet.


One more for now.. this little female is the other one that is sick. She is from sunburst parents. I think she has a good chance of making it.. she is actively cleaning her eyes, and eats whenever I offer her food.



I think they look good! Even the ones that are struggling, considering what they've been through, look like they have a pretty good chance to me.
I'm sorry you are having trouble getting the one female to eat.
These guys are just lucky their destination was your house.
Please keep posting pics and keeping us updated.

The one you are concerned about Heika, is the one I'm concerned about too. She doesn't look as good as the rest. I hope she will surprise us.
Yeah, she looks pretty rough. Not to be a pessimist but I give her a 15% chance of making it and she is definitely tap dancing on the line of no return. Obviously I hope she pulls through but she may need to be force fed and hydrated which I always hate to do. Good luck with her.

Yes, I was very worried about her as well. I had been force feeding her, but she fought the force feeding every step of the way. It was a hard situation. The stress of feeding her was likely causing her as much harm as good. Unfortunately, she didn't make it. My vet was here at about 5 a.m. to check on them, and discovered that she was in her final stages and called me. He tried a couple last ditch efforts, but she was gone by the time I got home from work.

On a more positive note.. the remaining two sick veileds continue to improve. The larger female has one eye open today.. maybe by tomorrow, the other will be open! I am upgrading her to a tentative 75%. The smallest blue veiled is doing much, much better. She is acting like a normal chameleon again, bouncing up on her back legs to puff and hiss at me when I open her cage. Gotta love attitude.. especially in an animal that is only an inch long.

Sorry about the little female - good luck with the others.

My female carpet is basically a "dead cham crawling". She has a horrible eye problem - VERY swollen and the vets drained it to culture the fluid. Just blood and no sign of infection. Maybe a tumor, cyst, aneurism - who knows. Its getting worse though and she is falling now as well. Strangely enough she can use the eye, eat, crap, drink and dropped 13 eggs on Monday. She is going back to the vet soon however I think they won’t be able to do much. At first I was pretty upset but now I have come to terms with it a bit.

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