Veiled Cham; Double Lay?


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My female is 2 years old, healthy, well fed but not obese, well hydrated via mistking 3x a day, proper lighting, appropriate space. I read the forums often but this is my first time reaching out for advice.

In January, I introduced my male and female with positive results. Built a garbage can laying chamber in response to behavior and ... nothing.

In late February, I re-introduced my pair with positive results (after several un-positive results, aka negative) and ... something.

A clutch of 75, a little low on calcium but I am hoping for the best:

Turn of events:

I put her back in her screen cage, she acts normal for 3 days, feeding well, drinking, but a little aggressive with the yellow and robins eggs spots when I get too close. Figure she's pissy from laying 75 eggs.

This evening I come home to a dug out ficus. Dirt shoveled out of the cage like the first time I discovered she had become a woman. Is it possible she has another clutch in store for me? Could too many eggs kill my baby?

Thanks for the feedback.


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This is my first time breeding chameleons. I have 3 years of success breeding crested geckos in the case that counts.
When did she lay her first clutch? They can lay a retained clutch, but I can't remember how long before they do. Anyone else?
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