Veiled and Panther ignoring crickets


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Both of my chams are currently ignoring the crickets in their enclosures. I have set them loose in the enclosure and also have left a bunch in a cup. This leads me to another problem which is supplementing my chams since the dust does not stick very well to the superworms and silkworms.

Is it possible to dust the gutload vegetables with D3 and calcium powder and in turn have the chameleon supplemented in this way at least until they resume an interest in crickets?


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lol! I am having the same problem right now with both of mine! The dust will stick well to the silks. Actually alot of people do not even dust them cause they are very high in calcium to begin with. The supers if you swish them around in the calcium you can get it to stick. Not as good as on the crickets, but it will stick some.
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