Veggies ??


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Will panther chameleons eat veggies? Right now my baby panther is just eating crickets, silkies, phoenix worms and fruit flies (and occasionally a couple wax worms). If panthers don't eat veggies, is there anything else I could offer him for a variety? He does seem to like to chew on the tiny branches on his ficus tree sometimes.
Mmm, well if you gutload crickets with veggies and other nutritious items, that would work. Im not really sure they will just eat a veggie. I only read the Wild Chams will eat them in the Dry season to get the water or when other food sources are scarce(Spelling?). I'm not really sure though, someone else might have a better response to this. :)
The only chams that I've gotten to eat veggies on a constant basis has been veilds.
As far as panthers go. I've definately caught my panthers, mostly young panthers, chewing on some ficus leaves. But when I tried sticking leafy greens in there for a day, they seem to ignore them completely. It seems they dont mind the occasional snack when they feel like it, but they dont seem to eat it in any kind of quantity.
My veiled occasionally munches on some ficus leaves. Chams also eat dandilions, roses, and hibiscus. just don't pick any dandilions where pesticide or something is used!
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