Veg for chams....please help

I'm not crazy about feeding veileds a huge variety of vegetables.
I keep it simple by providing safe plants in the enclosure and offering greens a few times a week. I primarily offer collard greens as they are high in calcium but have used romaine lettuce and Kale. Hibiscus, nasturtium and rose blossoms that bloom here and I know are pesticde/ fertilizer free are also well received.
I do not provide my veiled with carrots, grapes, strawberries or anything like that. I'm not saying not to....I just don't.

I keep a ficus tree inside my veilds cages that way they can eat the green whenever they want to. I also keep torts so I will toss in some endive every now and again which they seem to like. But for the most part I just rely on the living tree inside the cage.
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