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I just got back from an eight day long vacation. I finally remembered to take pictures of how I set up for vacation. So...:cool:
I have a Climist with a reservoir large enough to go 7+ days and enough humidifiers to go ~7 nights. I used to have to have a pet sitter in twice or more if I left for a week. Now I can go for 8 days and only have someone in once and that was really for safety sake and to water my outdoor plants.
I set up my bugs in individual cups so my sitter doesn't have to guess what I mean by a medium sized cricket. I know my chameleons favorites will go the first day, silkworms. Then the superworms go second, I put them in a cup with dubia that will be the fourth day. Crickets will go third. I do dust the crickets but if they aren't dusted just one week I'm not too concerned. My husbandry is under control the rest of the time. My feeder is able to keep all the insects together and gut loaded on carrot, a gut load that even the silkworms can handle for a couple days. I've tried using other gut load but I don't think the risk of mold makes them worth the risk.View attachment 241928
Crickets in tall deli cups with cardboard rolls and a bit of gut load and carrot slice
for refilling the feeder by the sitter.

Dubia and superworms in small cups with a carrot slice. They do well together short term. Calcium and bee pollen for dusting the crickets.

Shooting Gallery Feeder with supers, dubia and crickets. The silks were gone before I could get my phone out.
Carrot keeps every insect hydrated and gut loaded the entire week.
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I’m on a flight home now from 2 weeks away - you should see the calendar & chore list I left my husband! :p

I spent more time preparing the chams and bugs for vacation then I did preparing myself!

Carrot is a great food item - it lasts a long time without getting funky.

I put any small, high maintenance houseplants in the bottom of my panthers’ enclosures so they were misted daily.


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they eat their favorites the first day and then their less favorite over time. There isn't a lid on the feeder itself it is open to the cage but keeps the bugs inside.
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