US Chameleon Shooting Gallery Screened Cage Feeder


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Lrg Size: 8.27 x 5.8 x 2.16

Small Size: 7.4 x 5 x 1.5"

PM me, @ChamLB to order and shipping is $6.95 anywhere in the USA

Here is a video of the feeder in action
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Can you post a picture of what the pins connect to? And what the potential gap is like? One issue I'm having with my current feeder is that the bugs have apparently figured out how to pull up or squeeze past the screen bottom so I get loose feeders in the cage. Not a concern with crickets, but I nearly had heart failure when I reached in and found a large dubia next on a plant leaf next to my head. I'm curious if they're able to squeeze out of the bottom, or if there's a gap when the cham shoots the screen.


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Update to my post yesterday. OMG I love this feeder run! So normally I have to hand feed Beman his roaches. He only gets 2 each feeding since he is on a diet but I really hate having to touch them to feed him. I put two in the feeder run and then left to run some errands. I came home to one being gone. Searched the cage and there was no sign of it. Then I was sitting at my desk and I happened to turn around right when he went for the 2nd one that was clinging to the screen with a false sense of security lol. He nabbed that one too! I am sooooo excited that I do not have to hand feed roaches anymore!

I have some traveling over the next 8 months as well. So I am really happy that this will be an easy way for my family to feed him without having to deal with holding roaches.

I highly recommend this feeder run!
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