UVB needs of Montane Species versus Lowland species


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I received my solarmeter 6.2 today and upon testing my cages with various bulbs (reptisun 5.0 versus Arcadia t5's) at different distances, i was fairly surprised at the variance.

My main question is that do montane species require a lesser amount of UV versus the more common species such as Panthers and veiled?

The limited information I found that a gradient of 15-33 uW/cm2 for panthers was acceptable and a reference to the fact that higher altitude species might need as much.


Clearly if I was using the Arcadia 6% over all my cages (for convenience) I could adjust the amount they receive by raising the fixtures.

But back to the question, anyone share some first hand experience on whether or not there is a need for a different level of UVB?

If anyone who is having success with maintaining and breeding these animals who has happened to measure their UVB levels that would be great info as well.


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