UVB Lifetime


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All companies should display on the box how often they need to be changed. The only way to be 100% is using a uv meter.


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They are not cheap, but UV measuring devices are readily available. Solarmeter from Solartech is a more well known, reputible brand.


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Agree on the UV meters, only way to truly know.

The tube lights generally say to be replaced at 6 months and the Mercury Vapors at 1 year. Sometimes they don't last that long and sometimes they still produce enough UVB longer than 6 months/1 year.


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Just because they are shining, does not still mean they are emitting uvb rays. No such thing as a "lifetime" bulb to my knowledge. As the other member stated, 6-9 months they should be changed if you do not have a UV meter because if you do not, you have no idea if they are bad. edit: I see what you are saying about lifetime. Sorry, I misunderstood. I guess you meant life expectancy.


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I bought my solarmeter from lightyourreptiles.com I love it and use it every few weeks. Here's my problem with UVB light life. Everytime I get a new bulb I take a reading on it with the meter both before I put it on the cage (direct light) and when it is on top of cage but metered through the screen. They are NEVER the same right out of the box from new bulb to new bulb. I assume shelf life has something to do with this. Don't always assume that a new bulb is at 100% of it's advertised output.
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