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@Mendez asked..."do you know of an article that gives an approximate time frame as to how fast mbd develops without proper uvb?"...this is complicated somewhat. Often they can be developing it and it doesn't appear in such a way that people know it's happening, until the arms curve/break or the jaw is soft. Also it doesn't just develop due to a lack of UVB...it also depends on how much D3 they are being given through supplements, how much preformed vitamin A they have been getting and how much calcium they have in their system. Even a fast growth rate can affect its development of MBD. I really doubt 2 weeks without UVB light is long enough for it to develop.

Don't forget...I'm not a vet....just speaking from my own opinions.
Since the point of the UVB is to allow the chameleon to produce D3, if the UVB wasn't provided for 2 weeks, a LITTLE extra D3 should make up for the lack of it...but don't forget D3 from supplements can build up. Just my take on it.

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Hey all. Bubba's Uvb light broke two weeks ago. I JUST got him a new one today. (Ordered one that got in the mail last week and it came defective :)) it's a 36 inch T5 HO with 5.0 bulb. So basically my green lad has been without his Uvb light for 2 weeks. He looked really excited when I put the new one up and the light came on. Just stopped and looked around a lot. Now he is perched at the top of his cage sitting directly under the bulb. He's been doing it for like an hour or two. Is this to compensate for his lack of bulb over the past two weeks? Is this alright? Or should I try to get him to come down? He has a lot of spots to hide from the light, but I don't know if it's good or not for him to be sitting right under it.
An hour or two—even per day—doesn't concern me too much. ALL or most of the day—every day—might. Also, due to the way the reflectors work, the highest exposure is directly under the bulb; even a few inches a way (laterally) it is reduced to what it would be without the reflector, which IMO is less concerning.

T5 UVB bulbs typically go through a burn-in period of 50-100 hours when they put out more than the rated UVI. After the burn-in period, they stay relatively even for a year, then gradually decrease over time.
T5 uvb burn-in period
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