uvb burn or heat burn


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Veiled, male, born Nov 2010. been in my care since Jan 2011

Handling - shower time 2x a week 15 mins in shower backspray. after shower he clings to to me for a bit before he will go back in his cage
Feeding - crickets, superworms, greens ( collared, mustard ) he mostly likes his ficus, fruits i am still working on finding one he will eat. 10 in the morning and 10 when the sun go's down ( full size ), 2-3 superworms a day, he wont eat anything small
How are you gut-loading your feeders? Wardley reptile sticks, fluker's high calc cricket food, tetrafin goldfish flakes, fluker's river shrimp, fluker's meal worms, zoo med juvenile bearded dragon frrod all blended together in a blender. collared greens, bananas + peels, apples, honeydew mellon + rine, ornges + peels

Supplements -zoo med's reptivite reptile vitamins without d3 75% of crickets per feeding daily, tetrafauna reptocal +d3 2x a month till he is older, zilla food spray vitamin supplement 1x a week till he gets older

Watering - What kind of watering technique do you use? heavey hand mist 3 times daily till everything is dripping, dripper 24/7 Do you see your chameleon drinking? in shower yes, out of shower a few times

Fecal Description -1 part white, 1 part dark, just gets bigger the bigger he gets.
tested for parasites? yes

Cage Info:
Cage Type - screen 2'x2'x3', building a 3'x3'x6' right now
Lighting - (100w for winter)75w house light to bask, 9am- between 10-11pm also direct sunlight about 2 hours a day
Temperature - (cage floor 70 to basking spot 85 )? Lowest overnight temp 65 How do you measure these temps? petco pos ones in random spots and 3 digital, 1 hooked up to a heater in my room for at night ( its winter and 20 outside at night and my window sucks)"
Humidity - 40 % at the lowest right under the basking light ( 3 inches from light ) he basks lower than that though around 60% -65% about the rest. 85% when misting
How are you creating and maintaining these levels? 10 live plants in the curent cage and many around my room, dripper and misting. What do you use to measure humidity? 2 cheap ones from petco and a digi one for my room
Plants - 5 ficus, 1 umbrella, 4 jade in the cage, more about my room. growing a pampus to see how it is before letting him check it out
Placement - farthest cornor away from the house heating vent.
At what height is the top of the cage relative to your room floor? this cage 5 feet, new cage 7 1/2 feet
Location - nw oregon- cage far corner from heat vent

Trafic: verry low, 80% just me, he doesnt care anymore, anyone else he hides if they get within 8 feet of his cage

Flooring: paper towls to collect xtra water and cleaned every 2 days, poop every day

is they grey from uvb or from the basking light?
i want to say its from the zilla light cuz i stoped using it a few days ago and he is looking much happier and color is returning to his head
and how long is "safe" without proper uvb cuz i have a really old reptisun (8-12months use) that i can use if sittin in the window isnt enough for now.
was using zilla uvb lights but someone said they were no good. i was only using them cuz my good ones broke on the move from cali to oregon and they didnt have the ones i wanted. 36''-48''
untill the reptisun are in stock i been using my "grow" lights whick make my plants unhappy but i can clone more if they die. no not weed plants, tigerbark maple, laceleaf maples, snakebark maples, willows, 9 bark, umbrella plants, ficus, jade, some fern i dont remember name, and some others


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It's a good thing you got rid of that Zilla light. They are bad news for chameleons. I don't think that's a burn. My veileds use to have spots like that on them sometimes.
If he touched the UVB he shouldn't get burned. They are pretty cool to the touch. The basking area is a different story of course. If his casque or back touched the screen then he surely could get burned from the heat. Sitting in front of the window is not good enough at all. UVB does not pass through glass so other than warming your chameleon up, he is getting no UVB or an extremely small amount. I would go out and purchase a brand new Zoomed Reptisun 5.0 UVB for your cage. If you cannot find one at your local store then you can order one from LLL REptile on line but I would not wait to do that. Once you get that, you can change it out after about 9 months. Some people change at 6 months. If you havent used the Reptisun at all then it probably still is good. You would have to purchase a UVB meter to determine that and that will cost you more money!
He does not look burnt at all...vieleds get dark around thier faces...also...thermal burns will be black...then scab off to revile a pink under skin/ bone if it gets that far...he looks fine. on a side note....go get a linear tube reptisun / reptiglo 5.0 and a hood for him...basking for juvenile vieleds should be about 87 ish degrees...and can go up to 95 as adults.
it was all black then i stoped using the zilla light. that was several days without the zilla light and basking same temp. i drove 100 miles roundtrip to get a reptisun 5.0. and when i have him in the sun there is no glass, just the screen on his cage. single scales being black and grey are. i should have taken pics when his head was all black.

i felt lucky when i finaly wound one that had them in stock cuz that morning some kid try stealing it to return for $$ and was caught so it only cost me 15$
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