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So I know basking bulbs have UVA in them. Do the UVB have UVA in them? If not, wont using a regular house bulb for basking get rid of their UVA?
alot of forum members as does myself just use normal household bulbs for basking/heat as they are alot cheaper than 'special' basking bulbs.
I'm using one too because my old one went out, but if chams need UVA, how are they getting it without the special ones?
i have heard that they don't absolutely need UVA. UVB is what is necessary for the metabolism and for heir bones. UVA helps more for their moods and their senses. I guess what you can look at it is that they can see color with UVA but without it, it is like they ee in black and white. Thats a way to look at it.
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