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Hi im getting a baby male sambava panther at christmas. He will only be smal so atm i will be keeping him in an exo terra galss cage with screen top untill he is big enough to move up in cage size. I was testing stuff out the other day and i ahd my uv inside the cage and the bulb was getting rather hot. i don't want my cham to climp on the uv and burn himself so what should i do? I also don't want to put the uv outside the cage as it will block out most of the uv
The uv will be fine outside the enclosure, just use a reflector, you really dont want to be putting your uv inside the glass exo. The top of the enclosure is the usual wire mesh isnt it?
Laura xx
yes it is. It was just the people in the shop showed me how much uv was lost when you put them on the outside and it was like 80%
Exoterra makes hoods that hold compact bulbs-you should be able to use a Repti-glo compact 5.0 with no issue.
dont really wanna use the compact bulbs and the hoods are quite a bit of money over here. I have bought everythig now apart from the new uv tube that i will get when i pick the cham up. I will get a 10.0 though so there still should be a good amount of uv there
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