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if i have towrk six in morning wud i b able to turn his lights on then or shall i get me mum to turn em on at 9? urgent!!!
i get my veiled cham up at 6 ever morn, he doesn't seem to mind, once the lights turn on he is running around looking for food...if you already have the lights set at 9, i suggest slowly moving it back to 6.
if you jump from 9 to 6 in one night there could be some adverse effects on the poor little guy.
try moving it back by 15 min intervals every night, or every two nights.
thats what i did when i had to change it.
i just got him tonight lol so i turn em on at 6 and turn em off bout 7 is tht ok as its still light outside?
thats my times, 6 till 7.
just make sure there is no outside light shining in on his cage, otherwise he will get confused.
na am on top room will b ok ill mist him in morn too befor i go he is cool when misted earlier he showed me the pissed off look puffed his chin up lol do they go sleep when lights go off all time then? ty by way for info :)
i havn't seen apollo awake when the lights were off. they have bad vision in the dark, so i doubt they will be doing much exploring.
plus, when the lights are off there is no more heat getting to them, so they will slow down and sleep. this is why is is good to turn off the basking light 30 min b4 the uvb light. this way he will notice he is cooling down and have time to climb over to his sleeping spot before the lights go off and he can't see at all
k thanx man he doing well alot of moving round hid bloody well earlier lol ws on the ficus tree coolest pet iv had cnt wait for colours to come through:)
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