I think it´s nice but you need more plants. Try to get ficus benjamin or something like that, small chameleons like to hide in it...
You definitely need to add more plants in to fill the cage. It will help your chameleon feel more secure by adding hiding places as well as helping to keep the humidity up. I attached a picture of my smallest veiled's enclosure to give you a general idea. Fake plants are okay to help fill in bare spots as well, but try your best to use a real plant for your main plant. I have used a pothos here. There are many different options.


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That cage holds my 7 month old male veiled. He is a tiny guy.. about the size of a normal 3 or 4 month old veiled because when i got him he was so overcome with MBD that it had stunted his growth. He is doing much better now and I will soon have to move him to a larger enclosure. The cage is 18"w 20"h 12"d.
oh how sad but good to knwo that he is betting better. well my Cham is a vieled too his mane is Blender. he is 6 weeks old or so. is he as his age body wise as far as u can see from his picture?? i have him in a 20''tall18''wide12''deep. is that good enough for him??
he looks about the right size to me.. that size cage should be adequate for a few months for him.. that is the same size one that i had pictured. just be sure to fill it up for him. also make sure that you are using a UVB light on a timer so that he gets the correct amount of UVB exposure. the best thing that you can do in the beginning of your chameleon hobby is to READ READ READ everything that you can possibly get your hands on about husbandry, feeding, supplementation, temperatures, humidity.. EVERYTHING.. don't be afraid to ask questions.. and don't be afraid to get muplite opinions about your question

good luck :)
i used a cage like yours for fireball ,i got some fake foliage at the dollar store ,i got about 6-7 peices and it covered the top half sometimes the dollar store has 3ft vines the ones i used for the small esu cage were about a foot and a half ,then i put a pothos and 2 small schefflera on the bottom and she really thrived while she was in it. sometimes it took 5-10 minutes just to find her and i think she always seen me first because when i'd find her she'd be looking at me.when she got bigger it was easier to find her,sometimes i'd spray water in if i needed to find her faster.

now of course she's moved up in the world to a very nice 2x2x4 cage, i don't see her as much as i'd like to now,however she has been basking up top lately in the morning then she disapears till i put out a tray of small superworms.
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Only other suggestion would be to somehow cover the drip-water catch container, so that he can't fall in (or crickets either...they get gross when they drown and stay wet...:rolleyes: ) perhaps with screening, or pantyhose.
what i did was seal the bottom with aquarium sealer then i put a small hole on the bottom then sit the cage on a tray to catch the water.
I Am Concerned With The Cups In Your Cage. One I Think You Plan On Holding Food, And The Other Will Catch Extra Water That Isn't Consumed. Please Correct Me If I Am Wrong And I Humbly Give Advice . Depending On Where You Live, If It Is Warm/sunny Dripp Water Outside While He/she Sun Bathes. If That Water Catcher Cup Gets Full Even Partly With Water And That Tiney Guy Accidently Falls In The Cup With Water In It He Can't Get Out Via The Plastic Cup. Maybe Hang A Plastic Vine From The Roof AND DRIP WATER DOWN THE VINE Into The Cup To The Bottom So That He Can Get Out. Same Idea With The Feeding Cup Run This VinE Almost, Maybe An Inch From The Bottom So That He Can Get To The Food And Yet The Food Cannot Get Out And Free Run The Cage. I Didn't Look At The Age Of This Thread You May Have Fixed This By Now.
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