Updated pics of Waldo....long over due


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It has been a while since i last posted some oics of my boy. I have been home a few days this week and gave Waldo some much needed free time. Here are a few pics I took of him. He is really coming along nicely. He turned 7 months this month.






Soaking up the warmth by the window
Looking good, and he looked happy about some out of the cage time too. Such a cutie. He is gonna be a lady killer
Thanks everyone, seems just yesterday I was pulling him out of the dish he was shipped in, boy they change fast!
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So studly.
He thinks so...LOL. Keep finding sperm plugs on my screen doors that he loves to climb :rolleyes:
He looks great Cammie! VERY handsome little man. Can wait to see him in a few more months. :eek:
Thanks Jann, I need to check into your threads and see how the rest of your crew is doing.

Beautiful colours. I hope my baby panther turns out like yours did :D
thanks, they change so much in such a short time, I am sure yours will be just as beautiful!

Wow, he is looking amazing.
Thank you!

Looking good, and he looked happy about some out of the cage time too. Such a cutie. He is gonna be a lady killer
Thanks, Yes, he was practically begging for it :eek:

He looks GREAT!!!

He is so pretty! He looks much older than 7 months!
Thank you! He has come along nicely. I am very pleased with his color progression, size and personality.

wow dude you really need to breed this guy asap!!!
LOL, no plans for that in the near future, at least not for me. I would not mind but I would have to stud him out :). Just don't have time for anything else right now. Maybe in the future

How old was he in the picture from when you received him?
His hatch date is sept 17thish. I got him early to mid December. So right about 3 months

I sure enjoy going back and looking at him.
Thanks Laurie he is changing everyday.
oh my gosh Cammie!!!!! Waldo is freaking amazing, i just love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!
man i wish i lived close enough to supply him with a girlfriend!!!!! id so it in a minute!!!!!!!
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